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Maximal Rhythm/Drone MachineBespoke digital instruments, released with the Max/Min EP, August 2016

Project Info

Both apps were developed using Max/MSP and released as part of the deluxe package in the Max/Min EP.

'Maximal Rhythm' is designed to make 'non-standard' beats, a lot of which I used whilst writing the Max/Min EP. It sends MIDI data to any DAW that will accept it (I use it with Ableton Live, but Cubase, Reason etc will all work too. There are 5 independent modules which send MIDI data on individual MIDI note channels. You can choose between relative time (bars/beats) and absolute time (mins/seconds) for each module independently. There is a designated 'kick' module via which you can run various non-standard time signatures.

'Drone Machine' is an app designed to make 'ambient bed' type sounds, featuring 16 independent oscillators, 4 waveshapes plus a noise source, and various modulation options. You create the sound and export it as an audio file, which you can then import to any program you like.

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